BOOM! Hey Democrats….Why The Violent Riots? YOUNG AMERICAN Proves Dems Really Don’t Care About Jobs, Helping Minorities or Women [VIDEO]

Scott Presler made a video that asking Democrats why they’re still rioting. He points out the amazing progress Trump has already made in a little over a month to fulfill the promises he made to voters. Many of the promises Trump made have to do with jobs, the economy, minorities and women. Presley points out that President Trump has already made quite a bit of progress on a number of those issues. Given the progress President Trump has made on issues the Democrats campaigned on as “their” issues, Presler finally asks a very good question, “What do Democrats want?” What he’s really doing in asking that question is pointing out that no matter what Trump accomplishes, the Democrats will never be satisfied. We all know, that in the end, it’s not really about solving those issues, it’s about using them as a means to get votes from special interest groups. Once again, Donald Trump has done what no other Republican president, besides maybe Ronald Reagan, has been able to do. He’s exposed the truth behind the Democrat Party’s empty promises, and every time the Democrats and their friends in the press criticize Trump’s progress, they shine a light on their own failures to fulfill the same promises…


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