BREAKING BOMBSHELL: 27 YR OLD Son Of Arkansas Prostitute Says Bill Clinton Is His Father…Did Hillary Keep Him Away From Bill? [VIDEO]

Do black lives really matter to the Clinton’s?


It’s the lead story today on the Drudge Report…

Danney Williams, a 27-year-old black man who has a stunning resemblance to Bill Clinton is claiming Bill is his father. The young man from Arkansas has sparked the interest of many on social media, as he and his mother, Bobbie Ann Williams who was a prostitute in Arkansas in the mid-80’s, say she had sexual relations with the former Governor Bill Clinton, and that Bill is his father. Many associated with his story are claiming that Hillary kept him from having a relationship with Bill .


Alex Jones – In Little Rock, low-income housing projects are only about 5 blocks away from the Governor’s Mansion.

It was common practice for Bill Clinton to go out jogging– only to disappear into the bushes to be serviced by prostitutes.


One has to wonder what is swimming around the Petri dish that is Bill Clinton’s genitalia.

Bill Clinton’s Illegitimate Son



Bobbie Ann Williams– a Little Rock street hooker— says she and Bill did cocaine together, as well as having a foursome with 2 other prostitutes in the country cabin of Bill Clinton’s mother, while Clinton was serving as governor in 1983-1984.

Williams claims Bill Clinton sired her son Danny in 1985, though Clinton– deadbeat dad that he is– never claimed or supported him.

This tough talking black female host of “For The People” talks about Bill’s illegitimate black son and offers her uncensored thoughts on Hillary Clinton (language warning):

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