CANCER PATIENT Mocked By Leftist Comedian As Trump “Nazi” Gets The Last Laugh [Video]

Samantha Bee of TBS mocked the haircut of a young man during a piece on Trump supporters. It turns out that the young man is a stage 4 brain cancer patient and cut his hair to avoid having bald patches as a result of chemo treatments.

A Go Fund Me Page was started and has raised over 90K so far!


Kyle’s own words: “So for those of you who don’t know, this past Friday (12.16.2016) I was given the diagnosis I didn’t want to hear. It seems that I have stage 4 glioblastoma. It’s a very aggressive type of brain cancer. Currently, there is no cure, but there is a chance. The doctor said it all depends on how hard we go after it, and how my body responds to the treatment. I fully believe that God is still in the miracle-making business as well! I’m putting complete trust in God and I know regardless of the outcome, I’ll be healed one way or another! Please continue to keep me in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks ya’ll!”

From us: we are Greg and Keri Knupp, friends of the Coddingtons. The Coddingtons are a family of 7 and we know that the medical and associated travel expenses are going to be a challenge. Kyle will be undergoing aggressive chemo and radiation therapy. The Coddingtons are Christians and are trusting God through all of this. This GoFundMe account is a chance to put action (through giving) alongside prayers for the Coddingtons.

The money is pouring in so it might be much higher now. If you would like to donate to Kyle Coddinton’s Go Fund Me page, PLEASE GO TO THIS LINK:

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