CNN’S ANDERSON “POOPER” Responds After Outcry Over ‘Crude’ Swipe At Trump Supporter [Video]

CNN host Anderson Cooper apologized for a “crude” remark directed at President Trump supporter Jeffrey Lord during his show on Friday, calling his comment “unprofessional.” IN CASE YOU MISSED IT, THE VIDEO IS BELOW THIS VIDEO OF THE APOLOGY.

During a segment on AC360, Cooper verbally sparred with Lord, a CNN political commentator, over revelations that Trump reportedly told Russian officials that former FBI Director James Comey is a “nut job” who was adding pressure to the ongoing investigation of possible interference in the 2016 election. Clearly frustrated with Lord’s response to the matter, Cooper interrupted the conservative pundit and interjected with a not-so-subtle jab.

“If he took a dump on his desk, you would defend it,” Cooper told Lord. “I don’t know what he would do that you would not defend.”


First it was the childish eye roll to Kellyanne Conway and now it’s potty humor…How professional!

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