HILLARY VOLUNTEER, Obama Supporter Mocks Ryan Owens’ Widow Carryn For “Standing there and clapping like an idiot”

The left continues to show their true colors, and it just keeps getting uglier and uglier. I don’t care which party you identify with, if watching Carryn Owens look up to heaven as she appeared to be having a conversation with her newly deceased husband, and didn’t tear up, you probably don’t have a very big heart. If you actually took to social media to mock her, you probably don’t have a soul.

Speaking of not having a soul..check out this tweet by Hillary volunteer and Obama supporter (Dan Grilo made all of his tweets private, but unfortunately for Dan the Democrat, we took a screen shot):

vile tweet

Here’s Dan Grilo’s Twitter profile. Such a nice Democrat

Dan Grilo

If Democrats keep carrying on with this type of hateful messaging, they’ll never see another member of their party holding a pubic office again. 

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