BIGOT OBAMA EXCLUDED White Christians In List Of Possible Cabinet Positions…Favored Muslims

This is the worst 8 years America has ever endured...this man is evil!

LOL! Clinton News Network (CNN) SHUT DOWN At Trump Rally By Pro-Trump Deplorables [VIDEO]

A group of "deplorables" who are clearly sick and tired of the propaganda being passed off as "truth"

BUSTED! ABC/WASHINGTON POST POLL Showing Hillary Clinton Leading Trump By +12 Is FAKE

Americans who are sick and tired of a corrupt media and the corrupt politicians they prop up, need to ignore

THE LIST OF 65 MAINSTREAM MEDIA “Journalists” You Should Never Trust: Wikileaks Busts Media...

Many of the hacks on this list like Rachel Maddow, Mark Halperin, Diane Sawyer…

BILL O’REILLY Destroys Liberal Pundit On Trump Coverage [Video]

What a weasel of a woman with ZERO credibility!