TWO NEW JERSEY MOMS Attacked By Community For Exposing Islamic Indoctrination In Middle School…Thomas More Law Center Steps Up To Defend Them [VIDEO]

Two New Jersey mothers are being attacked by their community for speaking out about the indoctrination of their children to Islam in the public schools. More New Jerseyans died on 9/11 than any other state in the union second only to New York – nearly 700 souls. Would the teaching of only Islam in NJ public schools have been...

BOMBSHELL: COMEY Wanted To Expose Russian Meddling Months Before Election…OBAMA Regime Barred Him From Telling Public [VIDEO]

Why would a sitting president (Barack Hussein Obama) want FBI Director James Comey to keep his findings

PUTIN Steals Famous President Bush Quote In Forceful Denial Of Russian Interference In U.S. Elections…Makes Surprising Announcement About Relations With U.S.

Where were all the rabid Russian conspiracy "journalists" when Hillary was selling them our uranium for favors?