BREAKING: HILLARY CAMPAIGN Planned Fake “GRASSROOTS” Millennial Movement To Steal Bernie Followers

The most HILL-larious part of this whole story is that Hillary's camp planned to use the young Tallahassee Mayor, Andrew Gillum to launch Hillary's fake

BREAKING: Michael Moore Travels To London…Makes Stunning Plea To Obama Outside Embassy Where Wikileaks’ Julian Assange Is Hiding [VIDEO]

Ring the alarm bells…conservatives are about to agree with something loudmouth liberal activist Michael Moore has to say.

HUFFINGTON POST SECRETLY Advised Hillary Campaign How To Smear Trump With Phony Putin Connection

An email from Brent Budowsky of the Huffington Post has been uncovered by Wikileaks that shows Budowsky suggesting Hillary camp "slaughter Donald for his bromance with Putin"… It's not the first time the Huffington Post was caught colluding with Hillary's campaign to help her campaign. Former Huffington Post writer, David Seaman fears for his life, as he explains how he...

OBAMA DANCES At Last-Ever White House Gig To Drake’s “Hotline Bling” [Video]


Not the calm and formal White House function you'd expect...Wow!

DON’T BELIEVE THE POLLS: Massive Silent Majority Avoid Violence, Vandalism, Threats From Left…Will Vote For Trump [VIDEO]

Hillary can barely fill a high school gym with people who are passionate about her, while Trump…

MEET LEFTIST ANALYSTS At Research Firm Who Created ABC/Washington Post Poll Showing Hillary With 12 Point Lead [VIDEO]

Many Americans were shocked by the latest ABC/Washington Post goal seeking report (aka "poll") that shows Hillary opening up a 12-point lead with likely voters after the latest debate last Wednesday. Ironically, this latest polling farce was "embargoed for release after 9 a.m." EST which certainly made it a dominant topic of conversation on all the morning talk shows. Of course, like...