TRAGIC! JOBLESS AMERICANS Forced to Train Their Foreign Replacements Speak Out: “This is not about skills…This is about costs” [Video]

It’s a shocker that 60 Minutes actually ran a piece on the H1B-Visa scam that replaces American workers with foreign workers. This visa program was well intentioned but because of a loophole, it’s being misused as a way for companies to bring in cheaper foreign labor to America. The workers who are being replaced have to train their foreign replacements!
The program received national attention when a worker from Disney gave emotional testimony before congress. These workers are treated like trash and just thrown away.

Jessica Vaughan of the Center for Immigration Studies has a great overview of the history of this program and how CONGRESS royally screwed it up: H-1B: The Fruit of Disastrous 1990 Immigration Act

Whether from incompetence or malice, the Immigration Act of 1990 was a disaster. That is why we are in the state “60 Minutes” is likely to describe tonight. – Jessica Vaughan


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