WATCH: “It’s A Selfless Act”…Melania Trump Explains Why Donald Is Willing To Walk Away From His Business To MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN

She’s beautiful, classy, eloquent, and she’s devoted to her husband and his quest to “Make America Great Again.” Melania Trump wants to make one thing perfectly clear however, she’s “not a ‘yes’ person.”

It’s really quite refreshing to listen to the woman who could very likely be our next First Lady speak for an extended period of time without ever giving a hint that she has a chip on her shoulder. After 8 long years of living a 5-star life in our White House with her mother in tow, America has grown weary of Michelle Obama’s complaining and divisive rhetoric. We’re ready for a First Lady who truly loves her country and doesn’t feel like she’s lived her life being short-changed by everyone else who had a leg up on her. Melania Trump is a proud immigrant who loves her country and it shows in this interview:

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