An Arizona mother was arrested in Maricopa County over the weekend after her 10-year-old daughter called the police while videotaping her driving drunk.

AZ Central reports – Stephanie L. Davis, 31, of Glendale, was arrested Sept. 7 at about 4:15 p.m., near 73rd and Glendale avenues in Glendale on suspicion of aggravated DUI, records state.

When police arrived at the scene in the area of 73rd Avenue and Cactus Wren Drive, near Glendale Avenue, they found Stephanie Davis, age 31, swaying outside of the car.

The 10-year-old showed Glendale police officers the video of her mother, in which three children under the age of 15 could be heard yelling at Davis to stop before she gets into an accident, court documents show.

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Officers say Davis was staggering around outside the car when they arrived to the scene to stop Davis, according to the documents. They say she admitted to drinking wine Saturday but would not say anything else.

AZ Family interviewed Davis and her 10-year-old daughter.

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“This is the most embarrassing thing to happen in my life that was the most failed moment of being a mother,” Davis told 3TV.

Davis spoke to Arizona’s Family about her arrest.

“She (Davis’ daughter) was very heroic she absolutely did the right thing, I did go to the movies and I did consume my wine, very wrong it is so easy to make an honest to God mistake,” said Davis.

Davis said she took her daughter and 4-year-old nieces to see the Lion King, it was on the way back home did a happy afternoon turn scary, forcing her 10-year-old, to spring into action.

“The speed limit wasn’t right and like really fast and I didn’t feel safe at that time and I also wanted to protect my cousins and my mom, “ I called the police and I’m like my mom is not okay I know she’s drunk she’s driving crazy,” said Davis’ 10-year-old daughter.

A responding officer said in the court documents that Davis had a strong alcohol odor. Court documents also indicated that Davis appeared to have bloodshot watery eyes, a red flushed face, slurred speech and mood swings.

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