100% Fed Up But Spirits High, Patriots Depart For DC

Michigan Trump Supporters Pack A Bus and Head for DC, 1/4/2020


100% Fed Up, but spirits high, caravans across America have begun departing for rallies scheduled for Washington D.C. on January 5th and 6thMany are scheduled to speak at the rallies, including President Donald Trump at the March To Save America rally on January 6th

Michigan March For Trump/Stop The Steal Rally Bus Bound for DC, 1/4/2020

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We spoke with organizers for one of the Caravans as it left Michigan for the nation’s capital.  For them, this wasn’t just about Donald Trump.  For them, as for all the rally goers we spoke to on the bus, Donald Trump represents much more than himself.  One organizer, Patricia Cammarata worked 18 hours straight on Sunday to acquire a clean bus (and a lovely driver driver named Dee) that would take a packed bus (also organized in the same 18 hours) to Washington DC on Monday evening.  Amid the 9-months demoralization of the CCP Virus lockdowns, business and job destruction, violent leftist riots across the country, and massively evidenced allegations of widespread fraud in the 2020 election, these rallies are meant to energize the soul of America through optics and action.

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Jubilant Caravan Organizers, Patty Cammarata  and Genevieve Peterson, Share a Smile Before Departing for DC 

“I think the rally is to show to the world and our government that we peacefully stand large and strong for the basic truths of our country.”  For patriotic Americans, that means constitutional principles based upon individual liberties.

“We demand the right to individual freedom, to vote, to go to church, to operate our businesses, and to have our children in school.” A year ago, her list would have seemed very obvious to many on all political sides.  But, within just a few short months, it now seems alien to many Americans who have forgotten what America stands for and what made it great.

“President Trump is standing for America and what we are founded on…There is so much overwhelming evidence [of election fraud] that has been documented by people like Jovan Pulitzer and Phil Klein and Rudy Giuliani. This rally and [Georgia runoff] election are what will preserve America!”  While not all rallygoers share her views on the Georgia election, they were all in agreement with her view on Trump and America.


That included fellow-organizer, Genevieve Peters.  “I am a follower of everything America stands for: faith, family, freedom, and our flag.  I am a follower of people that take elected office and truly represent the people.”  She says she closely follows President Trump’s actions and believes he reflects these values strongly.  She says she is a follower of Trump, but not in the blind way that legacy media outlets describe Trump’s followers.

“Donald J. Trump is not a politician.  He became The People’s President.  He has fought for us for four years, but this is not really about President Trump.  This is about fighting for the heart and soul of our country that is being destroyed by big tech, fake corrupt media, and criminal elections.  This has everything to do with America and those that stand with America, like our president.”

So, she is fighting for him because she believes he is one of very few people taking action to fight for her and for the founding values of this country.

In the excitement before the  bus ride, these people all admit that the times we are in our dire and that we are marching into the unknown.  But, you could not tell it from the smiles and comradery displayed throughout the packed bus with people of many races and backgrounds.


“Here is our number,” says Articia Bomer, another rally goer and election poll challenger.  “You make sure and call us when you get to D.C.  We want to make sure you are all safe.”


“My faith is in America and her people,” said Genevieve with a bright smile.

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