14-year-old Carson Peters-Berger, charged with sexual assault and murder of his 10-year-old cousin Lily Peters, is the son of a convicted pedophile caught with disturbing child pornography

Lily Peters, a 10-year-old Wisconsin girl, was the victim of a brutal sexual assault and murder for which her cousin, Carson Peters-Berger has been arrested and charged. Carson’s father, Adam Berger, is a convicted pedophile who was arrested for possession of a mountain of disturbing child pornography, featuring prepubescent girls, in 2018.

Adam Berger and his son Carson

From the Daily Mail:

According to charging documents for Adam Berger, 10 pornographic photos showing very young girls in spread-legged positions were found on his phone. Some of them had been doctored to include comments such as “first in ur little girls a**hole and then in ur mouth mom.”

Berger’s own face was superimposed on some of them.

Other pictures showed the children semi-dressed – among them one showing a girl in a green feather boa and black high heels and another girl wearing a pink tutu skirt.

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All of the revolting pictures focused on the children’s genitalia according to court papers.

He also had drug paraphernalia including four crack pipes in his home.

The senior Berger’s history of possession of child porn is truly repulsive. Yet, he only served 3 years in prison for this disgusting act. His son, however, is looking at a life sentence.

Berger attempted to acquire custody rights to his son, claiming that “he is not a victim of my offense. My son is the best part of me.”

Adam Berger was convicted for possession of child pornography and spent 3 years in prison

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Given what his son stands accused of doing, the second half of that statement may still hold true

The father lost custody due to his conviction, and it is unknown whether he has had contact with Carson since being released in 2021.


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