52-year-old Felix Silva-Zuniga, an illegal alien from Honduras, will be tried in Montgomery County Circuit Court in Maryland. Silva-Zuniga, an associate of the violent M3-13 gang, has been charged with secretly recording sexual encounters with a 14-year-old girl, who he coerced into having sex with him. The 52-year-old allegedly blackmailed her into having sex with him or he would reveal the compromising video to her friends.

Montgomery County, Maryland, a long way from Central America, appears to be a hotbed for the violent MS-13 gang. Last year,  authorities identified more than 90 MS-13 members and associates responsible for crimes including murder, kidnapping, assault, robbery, burglary and theft.

According to WJLA, court documents obtained by ABC7, the girl was a human trafficking victim within the ‘Pinos Locos’ clique of MS-13, which made the suburban town of Wheaton its hub for illegal dealings.

Detectives explain the girl worked as a cocktail waitress at Lilly’s Restaurant in downtown Wheaton. Her primary duty there was to “conduct cocaine and marijuana sales, and serve alcohol to customers,” a high-ranking MS-13 member would ultimately tell detectives in exchange for more favorable treatment. “A lot of money was made for her services.”

In one instance, the girl attempted to quit. She was later summoned to a home along Valley View Avenue in Kensington and beaten in the backyard with a baseball bat. The girl recalled more than 25 excruciating blows to her body. Such attacks were used as a form of “motivation” to keep girls in line, the same high-ranking MS-13 member explained.

The victim told police she got into a taxi with Felix Silva-Zuniga, strictly due to fear of otherwise getting beaten again with a baseball bat. The cab dropped the duo off at a home along Bluhill Road, directly across the street from Wheaton High School.

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According to the victim, Felix led her into a basement bedroom where she told him she was only 14-years-old. Yet, Felix reportedly told the teen to “just get comfortable” and then had sexual intercourse with her.

The victim described Felix as having grayish-brown hair and a beer belly. “He was like a grandpa,” she stated.

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As the victim prepared to leave the house along Bluhill Road, Felix allegedly confessed that he had recorded video of their sexual encounter and would leak that video if she did not continue to meet him on lonely nights moving forward.

And so to maintain her image, the victim reportedly had sex with Felix around five to six more times. He even dropped in at Lilly’s Restaurant during her 15th birthday party.

In July 2018, police arrested Silva-Zunigaoutside the Home Depot in Aspen Hill where he would solicit foreman in the parking lot of the hardware store for day work.

Just another innocent “undocumented immigrant” looking to make an honest living in America…right?

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement confirmed Silva-Zuniga is living in the country illegally. Following his arrest in Montgomery County, ICE filed a deportation detainer against the Honduran native, labeling him as an “known associate of MS-13.”

Silva-Zuniga faces up to 47 years in prison for seven criminal counts including sexual solicitation of a minor, child pornography-filming sex act, prurient intent, and possession of child pornography.

Just another “manufactured crisis”…am I right Nancy Pelosi?


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