This brave girl has an important message and people should listen.

Recently, a 16-year-old German girl by the name of ‘Bibi Wilhailm’ uploaded a video on YouTube and Facebook entitled: “Ihr macht Deutschland kaputt!” (You are destroying Germany!).

Here she talks about how German girls and teens are afraid even to go to the shop because of gangs of criminal immigrants disguised as refugees.

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She says she is truly afraid, has fears that war is fast approaching, and that the German government is not taking the youth’s fear seriously.

“Please help us, it is a cry for help, but you are dragging us down more and more.”

This video, directed towards the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, was immediately removed and banned by Facebook (Germany) under Facebook’s new “Hate Speech Policy,” and subsequently the worried young girl got her Facebook profile banned simply for speaking out.

Via: speisa

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