On Tuesday, Pennsylvania Democrat John Fetterman was sworn into the US Senate yesterday by Kamala Harris at the Capitol, and the two of them made it a very awkward scene.

The clueless Senator, surprisingly, left his signature baggy sweats at home for the event, choosing instead to wear a suit. However, his kids were present and it appears that neither John nor his wife Gisele took any efforts to so much as iron their clothing.

After being sworn in, Fetterman stared ahead with very little emotion on his face.

John, Gisele, and Kamala then stood for a picture, Kamala grinning ear-to-ear while Fetterman stood with a blank stare. The Fetterman’s three young kids were then called up to join in the picture. As they came up, Fetterman ignored them, giving no greeting, smile, or slightest acknowledgment of his children.

After the photos were finished, the group left the room. Gisele enthusiastically thanked Kamala, while John stared blankly ahead and slowly walked away without a single word.

Shortly before May’s primary election in Pennsylvania, Fetterman suffered a stroke. Since this health scare, Fetterman has been clearly suffering to recover from the aftermath of the stroke.

In his appearances since then, Fetterman has struggled to string together coherent, continuous sentences.

During one of his public appearances post-stroke, Fetterman seemed to lose his train of thought and began talking about his high school football career. Frustrated audience members could be heard shouting at him as he struggled to speak to his supporters.

In October, an NBC News reporter revealed that Fetterman needed to use closed captioning in order for him to process what was being said to him. After publicizing this information, the reporter was blasted by the Left and by Gisele, who said that she should face “consequences” for telling people the truth about Fetterman’s current condition.

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