FBI training materials were recently acquired by the Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project, revealing the further politically motivated weaponization of law enforcement under the Biden administration. The shocking documents illustrate how the FBI categorizes everyday Americans who use trendy terms like “red-pilled” or “blue-pilled” as possible extremists. The categories they sort people into are involuntary celibate violent extremists (IVEs) and religiously or ethnically motivated violent extremism (RMVE). 

The FBI document states:

“Indicators of IVE ideology may comprise constitutionally protected conduct, and no single indicator should be the sole basis for determining IVE or criminal activity. The following indicators of IVE ideology may constitute a basis for reporting or law enforcement action when observed with suspicious criminal or potentially violent activity.”

The foundation received a glossary of terms FBI agents are warned to be aware of. The definitions for words such as “Chads” and “Stacys” are included. Most people would associate these terms with the ideal male and female, like “Ken” and “Barbie,” but the three letter agencies attach these words to extremism. According to the FBI documents, using phrases such as “LARPing,” “red pill,” and “based” equates to taking part in racial and ethical-extremist language. These documents reveal that the woke faction directing the FBI is trying to portray words and speech often associated with conservative voices as violent. 



The law enforcement clown show Americans have witnessed the past two years under the Biden administration has FBI agents focused on parents speaking out at school board meetings, attempting to protect their children from radical and harmful ideologies funded by their hard-earned tax dollars. Yet criminals and terrorists who are allowed free access to our country at the Southern border in clear violation of immigration laws are being waved through. Chair of the House Judiciary Committee Representative Jim Jordan is working on holding the DOJ and FBI accountable. He called out DOJ Attorney General Merrick Garland for intimidating parents and violating their right to speak out on behalf of their children. Jordan said this could “chill the First Amendment rights” of parents.
In early April, Jim Jordan threatened to cut off funding to the agencies. He said the House Appropriations Committee was ready to look into limiting funds going to the three-letter agencies involved in the most egregious politicized behavior, particularly the FBI and the DOJ. Jordan noted, “We control the power of the purse.”

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