An 18-year-old girl is suing a hospital in California for removing her breasts when she was just 13.

Layla Jane, 18

When Layla Jane was 11, she claimed she wanted to be a boy, having been heavily influenced by people online. Jane’s parents began taking her to doctors after she expressed to them how she was feeling.

She was prescribed puberty blockers and hormones after a single session with a psychologist named Susanne Watson.

Even more shockingly, after spending just 30 minutes with plastic surgeon Dr. Winnie Tong, Jane was told she could have her breasts removed.

After only six months of being on puberty blockers, Jane was given a double mastectomy.

Layla Jane at 13 years old after her double-mastectomy

According to the lawsuit, “Defendants did not question, elicit, or attempt to understand the psychological events that led Kayla to the mistaken belief that she was transgender, nor did they evaluate, appreciate, or treat her multi-faceted presentation of co-morbid symptoms.”


“Instead, Defendants assumed that Kayla, a twelve-year-old emotionally troubled girl, knew best what she needed to improve her mental health and figuratively handed her the prescription pad,” the suit reads. “There is no other area of medicine where doctors will surgically remove a perfectly healthy body part and intentionally induce a diseased state of the pituitary gland misfunction based simply on the young adolescent patient’s wishes.”

The defendants in the lawsuit are Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and the Permanente Medical groups, both of which are part of the nonprofit Kaiser Permanente.

Jane, who was born Kayla Lovdahl, has now “detransitioned” and identifies as a female again.

She is undergoing psychotherapy treatment for mental health issues which include a social anxiety disorder – the type of treatment that should have been offered to her int he first place in lieu of an irreversible surgical procedure.

Speaking to The Epoch Times, Jane said, “Nobody – none of my doctors – tried anything to make me comfortable in my body, or meaningfully pushed back or asked questions; they only affirmed.”

In another statement, Jane said, “The law says children aren’t mature enough to make serious decisions that could have long-lasting consequences like getting a tattoo, driving with friends, drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, or even voting. So why is it acceptable for 13-year-olds to decide to mutilate their body?”

Harmeet Dhillon, the CEO of the Center for American Liberty, which is representing Jane in her lawsuit, said, “Kaiser continues to engage in the quackery of subjecting innocent children to irreversible sex mimicry treatment, including drugs and surgery, without informed consent.”

“The medical providers responsible for Layla’s case, along with countless others, have substituted woke ideology for medically accepted standards of care, including lying to and manipulating vulnerable patients and families,” said Dhillon. “We are committed to holding them accountable for the harm inflicted upon Layla, and together we intend to strongly deter Kaiser’s factory-line approach that permanently mutilated an unknown number of American children, subjecting them to a lifetime of harm, regret, and medical consequences.”

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