A group called “People’s Action” just held their big gathering in Washington, DC yesterday. They had the usual suspects like Keith Ellison and Socialist Bernie Sanders speak at the meeting. They were protesting against cuts from the budget…The bottom line is the radicals don’t want any cuts to big government because they want to keep the cradle to grave freebies going. Socialist Bernie Sanders was ready to fill their minds with visions of freebies from big government.

EARLIER TODAY, the group decided to hit Heritage Foundation headquarters by storming the offices with 200 thugs.

HERE’S WHAT THEY SAID: “We’re shutting it down at @Heritage because it continues to be @realDonaldTrump’s think tank. #RiseUp2017 #Budget4ThePeople

Soros funded groups are all over DC with their push to keep Obama’s agenda going. They got some help from Socialist Bernie Sanders who wants justice, justice, justice…He’s playing to his base in the video below:


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