Did you watch the opening ceremony of the 2016 Olympics in Rio last night? If you did, you probably picked up on some politics slipped into the ceremony. A snoozer on global warming with tons of propaganda was a buzz kill for even those who’ve bought into the scam. Also, a bit of colonialism thrown in…Overall, with a very small budget, the opening ceremony was great but please, please keep the focus on the athletes! Politicizing the Olympics ruins the spirit of the games!

The beginning presented us with HUGE spiders…


And then super model Giselle walked and walked and walked… 57a548fc75ee9693a0000001

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And then this giant dance number with dancers that look like…Teletubbies?

CpIijUmXEAA98aaThen the ceremony went from this wild Brazilian dance party to a sad trombone….and GLOBAL WARMING PROPAGANDA! UGH!


One of the biggest hits of the night on social media was this guy from Tonga…



John Kerry couldn’t quite figure out how to take a photo – he’s pulling a Bill Clinton with that open mouth look of cluelessness…


Each team was introduced by…Oops! The Saudis might not like a woman driving…


Finally! The best part of the night…TEAM USA!


Michael Phelps proudly brought in our flag!


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