Today Joe Biden visited Florida, a key swing state in the upcoming Presidential Election. During his speech, he said something that Kamala Harris just said during a campaign appearance. They both used the term “Harris-Biden Administration” in their appearances. Is this a message that Biden will be a placeholder president who will be a puppet for Harris, Bernie Sanders and other far-left Democrats?


This slip up from Biden comes directly after his running mate Kamala Harris said a similar thing yesterday, as previously reported by 100%FedUp.

Vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris just let the truth slip on what a Biden administration would look like.

There has been speculation that Joe Biden is a placeholder for Harris and other Democrats who will have a much greater role in influencing policy. The Biden/Sanders plan is an integral part of Biden’s policy (see below).

Joe Biden has enlisted far-left Democrats AOC, Bernie Sanders, and Beto O’Rourke to help him with policy. They’ve pulled him to the far-left on several important agendas like global warming via the Green New Deal, gun rights, and raising taxes.

Harris let the cat out of the bag yesterday:

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Bernie Sanders has also been influential in Biden’s policy. Mark Levin warned Americans recently about the Biden/Sanders plan:

Mark Levin is warning Americans about what’s happening and what’s going to happen to America if Joe Biden wins in November. In the video below, he goes through the comments by Bernie Sanders to explain what his underlying message is to his radical supporters.

In the second video below, Levin lists the radical policies in the Biden/Sanders plan that he says reads like the Communist Manifesto.

Bernie Sanders endorsed Joe Biden in his DNC speech, but his message to his supporters (the rioters, BLM, Antifa = the radicals!) was very clear. Mark Levin translates, explaining that Bernie REALLY intends to take over the executive branch.

Mark Levin warns America about the Biden/Sanders plan:

The plan from Biden/Sanders would forever change America.

Senator Bernie Sanders was recently interviewed and claimed Biden moved “a whole lot” in many areas:

The far left is dragging Biden across the finish line in this election, but Biden has already spoken out about his policies.

-Biden is on the record in support of the Green New Deal, which is more about socialism than climate. Redistribution of wealth by using your hard-earned money via taxes will skyrocket under Biden.

-Biden has already said he will raise taxes.

-Biden recently said he wants unlimited immigration and is for open borders.

-Biden is the darling of the teacher’s union and will throw money at them if he’s elected.

-Biden will follow the movement to take funds away from our police force and distribute it to social justice causes.

-Biden will move to a single-payer system in healthcare.

The Socialist movement will use Biden as their puppet all the way if he’s elected.

Greg Gutfeld recently discussed Biden’s “economically terrifying” plan, if elected:

Wake up America!

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