2020 Was The Year Violent Anti-American Black Lives Matter/Antifa Accelerationists Caused the Largest Single One-Year Increase in Homicides Since We Started Keeping Records

Violent Minneapolis Rioters Set Another Building Ablaze in 2020

Using President Trump’s inauguration as a benchmark and opening ceremony,  anti-American leftist groups began 4 years of accelerationism and one-sided violence that culminated (so far) in the nearly year-long riots of 2020 by Antifa/BLM and, finally, their instigation of the violence on the Capitol building in 2021. 217 Arrests were made in Washington DC at President Trump’s inauguration that resulted in multiple officer injuries by Antifa/BLM.  Yet, nearly all the charges against the violent rioters were dropped by the leftists in Washington DC.  This emboldened violent anti-American leftists across the country and set the stage for the 4 years that followed, culminating in the well funded, well orchestrated violent and sustained attacks on progressive cities across America in 2020 for about 7 months leading up to the 2020 election.

Vehicle Set Ablaze By Violent Anti-Trump Rioters During President Trump’s Inauguration 4 Years Ago

Now, we know the mathematical results of this lawless one-sided brand of  leftism that has spread like a cancer to every city and institution in America.

Minnesota described their own response to the aftermath of the massive rioters in 2020 as an “Abject Failure.” But, this could just as accurately describe any of the other leftist progressive cities across America that condoned and allowed similar lawless violence throughout 2020.  Below, you can see the results of just a single night of rioting in Minneapolis which continues across America throughout 2020:

What about the rest of the America’s progressive cities?

The Washington Post reported at the end of 2020:

“2020 has been a killer year in every way, including murder. The United States has experienced the largest single one-year increase in homicides since the country started keeping such records in the 20th century, according to crime data and criminologists.

The grim body count isn’t quite over yet, but the data collected so far is stark — a 20.9 percent increase in killings nationwide, in the first nine months of the year, according to the FBI, and even bloodier increases in many major cities, due largely to gun violence.

Homicides recorded by 57 U.S. police agencies found a 36.7 percent increase for a similar time frame, according to figures compiled by Jeff Asher, an analyst and consultant who studies crime data.

“Like everything else in 2020, the crime data was a disaster. There was a huge spike in murder, and it’s hard to say just how bad it is, but it’s fairly clear we are going to see the largest single-year rise,”

Donald Trump could have sent in troops to these cities unilaterally, but he did not want to trample on the constitutional rights of states and risk being portrayed by the anti-Trump press as a dictator.  So, President Trump offered to send in National Guard troops to prevent all of this in all of these cities, but did not mandate it.  As a result, very few progressive mayors and governors accepted the offer because they hate Donald Trump and prefer the leftist chaos in their cities over giving Trump a ‘win’.  They saw the destruction of their cities, their citizens lives and businesses, and their states as a necessary price to pay to make President Trump look bad by tanking his economic recovery and dividing the nation against him.

This leftist lawlessness backfired, so they also had to steal an election in the largest election fraud in history.

But, the Washington Post continues:

“Like everything else in 2020, the crime data was a disaster. There was a huge spike in murder, and it’s hard to say just how bad it is, but it’s fairly clear we are going to see the largest single-year rise…

When it comes to homicide, arguably the most important measuring stick for crime, the sudden increase has been shocking.

In the nation’s capital, there have been nearly 200 homicides to date, about a 20 percent increase that is in line with the national FBI figures. In New York City, killings rose almost 40 percent, and shootings nearly doubled from the previous year…

But it’s not just big cities that are seeing rising homicides. According to the FBI data, small cities with fewer than 10,000 residents saw more than a 30 percent increase in killings in the first nine months of this year — a data point Asher called “insane.”

It also attributes the beginning of the spike, which occured somewhere neawr the middle of the year, with the accelerationist riots by Antifa/BLM that used George Floyd’s death as an excuse for anti-American mayhem:

““The increase tends to occur in nearly every city at the very end of May and the first days of June,” Rosenfeld said. “The size and abruptness of the increase are unprecedented.”

That was the time frame in which the country was convulsed by protests over the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Rosenfeld and other experts said that the apparent collapse of public confidence in police departments appears to have led to more violent crime”


Hans Bader at CNS News also reported many other shocking crime statistics for 2020:

“Murder went up in 51 cities, and down in only six cities. Murder is up 74.1% in Seattle, 72.3% in Minneapolis, 55.5% in Chicago, 54.1% in Boston, 39.2% in New York, 34.5% in St. Louis, and 30.4% in Los Angeles.

This huge rise in murder occurred as progressive prosecutors became softer on crime, parole became available to more murderers, and the death penalty stopped being used in most states.”

Bader notes that, in the last few years, left-wing (often Soros-funded) prosecutors “refuse to prosecute entire categories of crimes” which enables “crime to explode under their watch.”

“For example, in 2019, Steve Descano was elected as Commonwealth’s Attorney in Virginia’s Fairfax County. He defeated the incumbent, a moderate Democrat, in a close Democratic primary election by massively outspending him. His campaign was funded mostly by a PAC bankrolled by left-wing billionaire George Soros, which gave Descano over $600,000

He refused to seek the death penalty” in even the most outrageous cases, such as the gruesome murder and rape committed against Genevieve Orange.

Killer Mark Lawlor entered Orange’s apartment, “struck her 47 times with either a claw hammer or a frying pan, fractured her skull multiple times, and raped her as she lay dying on the floor of her apartment, where she choked on her own blood.”

Bader goes on to note several other similar eggregious soft-on-crime leftist policies by several other prosecutors across the nations progressive cities.  These policies are designed to destabilize America and turn cops and citizens against one another and force mistrust and violence among every group of people.

All of the major cities that saw these major spikes in violence and homicides per capita were under democrat progressive leadership, and have usually been so for many many decades.

The Washington Post also disingenuously tried to prove Trump wrong when he said that the top 20 cities for violence and homicides were run by Democrats.  However, the data that they found only proved Trump to be more right than any Democrat wanted to admit:

“…listing the top 20 cities with the most violent crime “per 10,000” people. In this list, only one city lacks a Democrat mayor, and that is Springfield, Missouri.

So on the straightforward list of most violent cities, 17 of 20 have a Democrat mayor. For incidents per 10,000 people, 19 out of the top 20 have a Democrat mayor.”



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