When it comes to dying from coronavirus, healthy 21-year-old’s, with no previous or current health issues, fall into a low-risk category. But does that make them immune from becoming infected with the Chinese virus or transmitting the serious respiratory illness to people who are considered high risk? The answer is no, and one healthy 21-year-old Nashville, TN resident, Ireland Tate is going public with her story to make sure others don’t make the same mistake as she did when she ignored the warnings to limit personal interaction with others. Tate is a perfect example of someone who thought their youth would protect them from the disease but found out the hard way that she was incorrect.

Fox 17 reports – “So, I’m aware that we’re supposed to be self-quarantining and social distancing all these things to keep everyone safe. Cool. I get it,” said Tate in a video she made for social media. “I just don’t think that I’m going to get the virus.”

She made the video days before she was actually diagnosed with the virus.

“It feels like someone is sitting on my chest at all times. It’s really hard to breathe. I’ve coughed until my throat has bled,” Tate said, describing her symptoms of COVID-19.

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She says her friends ignored city leaders’ call for social distancing. In fact, after the city leader first suggested social distancing and socializing with no more than 10 people, her friends decided to get together at a friend’s house – all 20 of them.

They also went out in public, still ignoring the suggestion. Turns out, one of the friends in the group had the virus. Tate got it from her friend.


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