On Saturday, there was a horrific shooting at a mall in South Carolina that left fourteen people injured.

This isn’t the first time the accused shooter has been involved in a violent crime. In 2018, he was charged in connection with the murder of a high school athlete.

The accused Columbiana Centre shooter, Jewayne M. Price, is connected to the 2018 fatal shooting of Amon Rice.

Rice, died from a gunshot wound to the upper body. Rice was a student-athlete at Lower Richland High school where he played on the varsity basketball team.

Price was one of 16 people charged in connection with Rice’s death. Price was charged with accessory before the fact.

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Now the shooter has already been released on bail.

Trump supporters who were part of J6 have been languishing in solitary confinement for months, and a shooting suspect is out on bail in a matter of days.

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Still think we have equal justice under the law?

Immediately after the shooting Lexington County Sheriff Jay Soon released a statement about the shooting:

FOX News reports:

South Carolina mall shooting suspect’s bond set at $25,000, can go to work with ankle monitor.

22 yr-old Jewayne Price

A South Carolina judge set a $25,000 bond for a suspect in a mall shooting on Saturday that left 14 people injured, according to the Columbia Police Department.

Jewayne Price, 22, will be on house arrest but allowed to travel to and from work while wearing an ankle monitor if he posts bond.

He was charged with unlawful carrying of a pistol and could face additional charges after the prosecutor reviews evidence.

Price is one of three people who were detained by law enforcement following the shooting. The other two adults males were released after police determined they weren’t involved.

“We don’t believe this was random,” Columbia Police Chief W.H. “Skip” Holbrook said at a news conference. “We believe they knew each other and something led to the gunfire.”

Evidence collected at the scene indicates at least three people displayed guns and two firearms were used, according to police.

How is bail even acceptable in a case like this?

Welcome to the Democrat Party’s Soros-funded new system of justice…

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