By now, it’s pretty clear that America no longer has borders. Still, this story of illegal aliens being dropped off on a beach on an exclusive island in Florida should stun every American who thought the only place illegal aliens were openly entering our nation was on our southern border.

On Sunday afternoon, dozens of undocumented Democrat voters arrived in Jupiter, Florida.  Florida may be considered the freest state in America right now, but its doubtful Governor Ron DeSantis will welcome these illegal visitors with open arms.  These illegal aliens shouldn’t be too surprised if a trip to Delaware is in their future.

A beachgoer’s cellphone video shows a boat full of migrants arriving along the beach in Jupiter Sunday afternoon.

U.S. Border Patrol took nearly two dozen undocumented migrants into custody this Sunday in Jupiter.

Witnesses say that a boat arrived on the beach with 40 to 50 people onboard. The suspected migrants scattered, running towards the street and into bushes.

U.S. Border Patrol arrested 23 migrants that made landfall in Jupiter, FL in Palm Beach County.

A Division Chief of the Miami Sector tells CBS12 News, U.S. Border Patrol agents, along with local law enforcement, responded to a maritime smuggling event that made landfall in Jupiter on Sunday afternoon.

Agents arrested 23 migrants near the scene.

Federal authorities seized the vessel involved in the incident.

Federal Officials have taken 23 into custody.  It is unknown if there is an ongoing search for more migrants at this time.

The cell phone video shows adults and children jumping off the boat and scrambling towards the road and bushes.

Federal authorities seized the vessel involved in the incident.

U.S. Border Patrol spokesman Adam Hoffner said 23 migrants were arrested.

Hoffner said federal authorities seized the boat involved. He added the migrants would be interviewed and processed for removal proceedings.

At this time, the investigation regarding this incident remains ongoing.


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