A total of 23 Red states (see below) have officially declined Biden’s unemployment handouts because it is “impossible to fill jobs” when Americans continue to get payouts for not working.

This comes as claims that those who made $32,000 before the pandemic can now make the same, or more, with a combination of state and federal benefits. This is keeping people from applying for work.

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson said, “Our economy has come back, we have jobs aplenty…We cannot pay extra compensations for workers to stay home.”

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The photo below from the Daily Mail of the 23 states which rejected the unemployment benefits:

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The latest governor to reject the unemployment handouts is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. He just announced he would opt out of ‘Biden bucks’ to get people back to work and get the Florida economy back on its feet.

Florida’s Department of Economic Opportunity Secretary Dane Eagle said, “Transitioning away from this benefit will help meet the demands of small and large businesses who are ready to hire and expand their workforce.”

This new announcement from Florida solidifies the number at a whopping 23 Republican-run states that won’t accept the $300 weekly payment from the feds to the jobless.

Get back to work, America!

The photo above from the Daily Mail

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