The dead body of Gretta Vedler, a 23-year-old Russian model has been found stuffed in a suitcase. The discovery of her body sent shockwaves through Russia after the model referred to Russian President Vladimir Putin a “psychopath.”

Instagram image of Gretta Vedler.

The Russian model has been missing for a year.

Although the young model Gretta Vedler, became well-known for her criticism of Putin on social media, her murder does not appear to be connected to her calling the psychopath leader of Russia a “psychopath.”

According to the New York Post -“Vedler’s ex-boyfriend Dmitry Korovin, 23, has confessed to strangling her to death before driving her 300 miles to the Lipetsk region and abandoning the body in the boot of a car,” the Daily Star reports.

23-year-old Dmitry Korovin, her ‘jealous’ ex-boyfriend has confessed more than a year later to strangling her to death after a row over money in Moscow unrelated to her political views and analysis of Putin’s mind and motives.

Vedler’s boyfriend, Dmitiry Korovin told authorities he slept in a hotel room for three nights with her dead body, which was stuffed in a newly bought suitcase. The man then left her body in the trunk for a year but kept posting to her social media pages to make it look like she was still alive.

In January 2021, Vedler had raised concerns over Putin’s crackdown on protests and desire to enhance the integrity of Russia.

The young model’s death is heartbreaking, not just because she had so much life ahead of her, but also because one more young, brave voice has been silenced in a country where freedom of speech or the freedom to express opinions is not permitted.

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