242,000 Acres: Bill Gates Now The Largest Owner Of Farmland In America

Bill Gates


Billionaires and leaders across the world are pushing hard for “The Great Reset.”  The Great Reset is brought to you by the World Economic Forum.  These are, by the way, the same people who coined Joe Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ slogan for himfor The Great Reset.

The Great Reset in its now-removed but archived official video tells people to be happy owning nothing, demotes America behind China on the world stage, tells humanity to stop eating meat, and–oh yeah–tells the West it will be pushed to its breaking point in the coming decade, they are secretly buying up land all over the globe.

One of these billionaires appears to be Bill Gates.

Yet, while these billionaires are telling the world that they will be happy owning nothing, they are all the while buying up land across the world.  Bill Gates, who is the 4th richest man in the world, is now America’s largest private owner of farmland.

Zero Hedge reports:

“After years of reports that he was purchasing agricultural land in places like Florida and Washington, The Land Report revealed that Gates, who has a net worth of nearly $121 billion according to Forbes, has built up a massive farmland portfolio spanning 18 states.”

“His largest holdings are in Louisiana (69,071 acres), Arkansas (47,927 acres) and Nebraska (20,588 acres). Additionally, he has a stake in 25,750 acres of transitional land on the west side of Phoenix, Arizona, which is being developed as a new suburb.”


Unlike you ‘normies,’ Bill Gates uses third parties to purchase such investments.  Gates’ personal investment entity is called Cascade Investments.


So, while you are being groomed by billionaires and leaders to want to own nothing, billionaires and leaders are buying everything.


In addition to farmland, billionaires are also buying up all the other land, too.   A few of them you may know, below.

According to Forbes:

“In its list of 100 top American landowners, The Land Report gives the top spot to Liberty Media Chair John Malone, who owns 2.2 million acres of ranches and forests. CNN founder Ted Turner ranked number three with 2 million acres of ranch land across eight states. Even Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is investing in land on a large scale, landing the 25th spot with his ownership of 420,000 acres, mainly in west Texas.”


Does this end well, Serf?



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