Karoline Leavitt, 25, could become the youngest woman ever elected to Congress after winning the primary election in New Hampshire on Tuesday. After her victory, Donald Trump congratulated Leavitt, who worked under the Trump White House press office as the communications director for Rep Elise Stefanik.

After her victory in the primaries, Trump posted a congratulatory message on Truth Social, saying,

“Amazing job by Karoline Leavitt in her great New Hampshire victory. Against all odds, she did it – and will have an even greater victory on November 8th. Wonderful energy and wisdom!!!”

By “against all odds,” Trump is referring to the millions of dollars that were poured into smear campaigns against the young candidate, funded largely by groups like Congressional Leadership Fund and Defending Main Street, as well as GOP Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

Leavitt’s opponents labeled her as “woke, “immature” and “irresponsible” in their well-funded ads.


However, Leavitt defended her young age, saying, “My youth is a strength and that is showing on the campaign trail already.”

After winning the primary election, Leavitt’s claims are proving to be legitimate.

The 25-year-old is bold with her political beliefs, standing firmly against abortion, stating that her state’s restrictions need to be “taken further” than a 24-week ban.

Leavitt’s social media has photos of her with major political leaders like Senator Ted Cruz and Rep. Madison Cawthorn, who, up to this point, is the youngest member of Congress ever.

Karoline Leavitt and Senator Ted Cruz


Karoline Leavitt and Rep. Madison Cawthorn

If Leavitt is elected to Congress, she will become the youngest ever, beating out Cawthorn by just 17 days.

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