Will American Jews turn their backs on lawmakers who failed to support President Trump’s move of the US embassy to Jerusalem, or will they applaud the Jewish lawmakers for putting the #ResistTrump movement before the support of their homeland of Israel?

Four U.S. Senators addressed members of the press at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem on Monday morning, hours before the official relocation of the U.S. embassy — and all four were Republicans.

Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX), Dean Heller (R-NV), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), and Mike Lee (R-UT) made the trip, along with ten Republican U.S. Representatives — but not one Democrat joined the U.S. delegation for the embassy event.

Only former Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) — who was the Democratic nominee for vice president in 2000 before being rejected by his party in 2006 for his support of the Iraq War — came to Jerusalem to join in the festivities.

Two journalists asked the Republican Senators why no Democrats had come.

Sen. Cruz said: “That is a sad, sad manifestation — I wish we had every member of Congress here … every member of Congress had the option before them to come.”

Sen. Graham said that no one, Republican or Democrat, had been specifically invited to the ceremony — they simply chose to come or they did not. And he noted that only Republicans had come of their own volition.

“It’s not for me to tell you what that says,” Graham said. “It hurts me.”

He noted that the absence of Democrats sent a dangerous message that Americans were not united in their support for Israel.

“There’s too much going on in this region to send mixed signals,” he said.

Breitbart News spoke to Sen. Lieberman separately and asked him whether he was disappointed that no Democrats had come to the embassy opening.

“I’m not disappointed, but I’m surprised because support for it has been broadly bipartisan.”

He recalled: “I was part of the group that worked to pass the Jerusalem Embassy Act in 1995. There was Bob Dole and John Kyl on the Republican side, and myself and Pat Moynihan on the Democratic side, and it got 95 votes.

“I don’t want there to be a misimpression that this is a partisan act. And I would hope that Democrats understand that this is not a pro-Trump rally. It is a pro-U.S.-Israel partnership, alliance rally.”

The onetime vice presidential nominee and member of the bipartisan coalition of senators who helped give birth to the original Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 praises the current White House for what he calls a “bold move” that is long overdue. (Lieberman insists he is still a Democrat, despite being identified as an “Independent Democrat” in his final years in the Senate.)

“I am grateful to President Trump for making this decision,” he tells Haaretz while preparing to take part in Monday’s dedication ceremony for the new U.S. Embassy. Always far more hawkish than other members of his party on foreign affairs, Lieberman is, more controversially, a rare Democrat who is also praising Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal, sharing the president’s view that it was a “bad agreement.”

Even as Lieberman lauds Trump’s actions on the embassy and Iran, he acknowledges an unavoidable irony: If the presidential candidate he himself voted for, Hillary Clinton, had won the election in 2016, it is almost certain neither of these things would be happening. –Haaretz

Sen Graham observed that the partisan divide over Israel seemed to have grown deeper since President Barack Obama signed the Iran deal, over the objections of Republicans and the Israeli government.

Sen. Lee noted that Iran deal had lacked the consent of the American people.

“There was no backup for this deal, not to the degree contemplated under the Constitution.

“Shame on them for not submitting it to the Senate … We had no business entering into an agreement like that, with that many ramifications, without the Senate backing it up.”

Lee praised President Trump’s courage in deciding to move the embassy, as did Sen. Heller.

“Except for President Trump … and his promises made and promises kept during the last campaign, we wouldn’t be here today,” Heller said.

Sen. Cruz also praised Trump, likening his decision to that of President Harry S. Truman — a Democrat — to recognize Israel 70 years ago, 11 minutes after it declared independence.

Graham agreed, calling the president’s decision to move the embassy a “strong, bold move, not just by the president but by the American people.”

“[Trump] has a new way about him,” Graham added. He’s not stuck into the swamp, for lack of a better word.”

“If you have a problem with Jerusalem being the capital of Israel, I tell people in South Carolina somewhat jokingly, take it up with God,” he said. -Breitbart 

Here’s the list of the current Jewish Democrat Congressmen and women who are skipping the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem:
(8 Democrats, 1 avowed Socialist who calls himself an “Independent”)
(17 Democrats)
Though the majority of Jews did not vote for Trump, exit polls showed, those who identify as Orthodox were the most supportive of Trump on Election Day and continue to give him high marks.

Fifty-four percent of Orthodox Jews say they voted for Trump, according to a new survey by the American Jewish Committee, or AJC. That was well above 24 percent of Conservative Jews, 10 percent of Reform Jews, 8 percent of Reconstructionist Jews and 14 percent of respondents who identify themselves as “just Jewish.” – Religion News



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