A Texas business just became the largest one sight ICE raid in 10 years.

Allen, Texas was the sight of a raid on CVE Technology Group which refurbishes and repairs cellphones and other consumer electronics. This is the third largest business in Allen that employs over two thousand people. The illegals were being paid $8 an hour according to one woman who works there:

“When the raid began, Mariela Ortega thought a tornado hit because women began running. The Venezuelan with a work permit says most workers are women with $8 an hour starting pay of $8 at CVE Technology Group.”

Eight dollars an hour for a manufacturing job is easily 40% below the prevailing market wage. The company is exploiting those on questionable immigration status to pad their bottom line.

About 280 illegals were arrested at this one business!

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Sympathy from the local news about the raid is evident in the coverage but hiring illegal workers only takes jobs away from legal Americans who need those jobs. Identity theft is a huge problem also with illegal workers who have fake documents in order to be employed.

Buses were brought in to take the illegals away as protesters gathered in support of the workers.

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They shouted at the buses:

“We hear you; we love you.”

Special Agent in Charge Katrina W. Berger spoke in detail about the raid: “We cannot turn a blind eye to illegal workers.”

ICE received numerous tips warning that the business was hiring illegal aliens, but it was the hiring irregularities found during an audit of the company’s I-9 forms that confirmed those tips.

Protesters showed up with signs: “No human is illegal.”

Relatives and friends of the illegal workers showed up at the business to protest and to find out if their loved one was taken by ICE.

This has been allowed to go on for far too long. American workers deserve a fair chance at jobs.


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