Just think how many youth centers could have been built in inner cities or how many broken-down classrooms in America could have been repaired with the $3.5 MILLION being wasted on Jill Stein and Hillary’s futile recount effort? Aren’t the Democrats all about the poor, the downtrodden and the disenfranchised? Or are they really just all about staying in power? The next time one of your progressive friends tries to argue with you about how the Democrats are all about compassion, remind them of the money that was wasted on this recount that could’ve been used to help the very people they proclaim to be helping.


Day 5 of the Wisconsin recount continued the pattern on previous days, as Donald Trump extended his Election Day lead over Hillary Clinton by a couple dozen votes.

Trump leads Wisconsin by about 22,000 votes. So far, data from the Wisconsin recount as of December 5 shows that little is changing. The major candidates have each gained a smattering of votes in municipalities around the state as a variety of errors are found, but nothing has changed in significant enough numbers to upend the election. Not even close. Trump and Clinton have also each lost votes in communities throughout the state, basically making any gains and losses a wash.

Here are the specific totals:

Day 5 Totals

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Trump has lost 302 votes.
Trump has gained 386 votes.
Trump net vote gain by Day 5: 84 votes

Clinton has lost 293 votes.
Clinton has gained 351 votes.
Clinton net vote gain by Day 5: 58 votes

Trump total net gain: 26 votes


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