When superstar actor Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock across the face for a JOKE he made about his wife’s bald head during the Oscars awards show, the world erupted, demanding Smith be punished for his actions. Hollywood elitists almost immediately gave him a standing ovation only moments later when he received the “Best Actor” award.

Later, Smith offered a tearful apology, but most were unwilling to accept it, saying there is never any reason to use violence, especially when you’re attacking a comedian over a joke. Many blamed his awful, bitter, almost always angry, racist, cheating wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, who by all accounts is just about the worst human being one could encounter. Pinkett Smith is, at best, a second-rate actress who’s been allowed to remain in the public eye because she’s married to one of the most popular actors in America. Instead of treating Smith as a loving wife and father of their three children, she’s gone out of her way to humiliate him publicly. The Oscars were nothing more than a public display of a man desperate to impress and hold onto a woman he never had.

When Jada was asked about her husband slapping comedian Chris Rock, she responded in a way that anyone who’s been watching her over the years would expect—she threw the man who is the reason anyone cares what she has to say under the bus, accepting no responsibility for her side-eye at Will after the joke that her husband laughed at, giving him a cue that she expected him to “deal” with Rock. Instead, Pinkett Smith claimed that it was her husband who overreacted.

Here’s Pinkett-Smith’s full quote when asked to respond to her husband slapping comedian Chris Rock across the face (Jada laughed after Will Smith slapped him):

Videos are now beginning to surface of the toxic marriage Will Smith has been enduring for decades to one of the most evil women in Hollywood.

In the video below, Pinkett-Smith ambushes Will in his home when she recorded his reaction to the private therapy the couple was receiving for their marriage.  Smith begs her not to record him in her home, but she persists.


Watch Jada humiliate Will Smith again in this video where she joins her mother, child, and Will around her “Red Table” to discuss how she never wanted to be married.


In the same segment of Pinkett Smith’s Facebook show, Will Smith explains that for three years, he planned Jada’s 40th birthday party to “lift her out of her midlife crisis,” saying it was going to be my deepest, most beautiful display of my love,” and his toxic wife’s response to her party was to tell the superstar actor that “the party was the most ridiculous display” of his “ego”!

These videos are pretty bad, but when it was revealed that Jada was having an affair with a much younger rapper August Alsina, she dragged her husband Will onto her “Red Table Talk” show on Facebook, where for 4 minutes, she humiliated him as she openly talked about having a long-term sexual affair with another man. The sad part about this video is that Will grovels about not giving up her efforts to “get her back.”



Pinkett-Smith is so despised on social media that some are even calling her alopecia “fake news,” suggesting that she has destroyed her hair over the years with excessive chemical treatments:

Here’s how most of America is seeing Will Smith now that the dust surrounding the slap heard around the world has settled.

Finally, this post on Twitter nails what most people think of Jada Pinkett-Smith.

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