The only way Hillary and Tim Kaine can win this election at this point, is through massive voter fraud. The enthusiasm for Trump and Pence has been enormous from the beginning and has only increased, while Hillary and Tim can barely fill a phone booth only days before the general election…

Tim Kaine was speaking in Room 102 of Building U at Florida SouthWester State College’s Thomas Edison (Lee) Campus.

NBC called these three people a “small line.”

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By the time the doors opened to a tiny room inside the college, there were a dozen people ON A COLLEGE CAMPUS who were enthusiastically waiting to see Hillary’s lapdog VP:

Via: Gateway Pundit

Compare Tim Kaine’s lackluster response to his rallies to Trump’s VP candidate Mike Pence, who’s packing large venues with supporters. Check out the support Pence is getting in critical swing states across America.




North Carolina:


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