Rules for thee, but not for me!

Every year, the UN hosts a climate conference where they discuss how to fight climate change.

Of course, they lecture us on how we need to be more green…

But here’s the ironic part:

The most recent UN climate conference may have caused the most pollution ever!

Over 400 private jets were used to fly to this conference.

Private jets, especially that many, pollute far more than commercial airlines.

Also, why are these people flying in private jets?

Are they too good to sit and fly with the rest of us?

Shouldn’t they practice what they preach?

By flying private, they’re adding more to their carbon footprint than if they had flown commercial.

The hypocrisy!

Of course, they tell the rest of us to walk, ride bikes, or take mass transit.

But apparently commercial transportation is beneath them.

Just the News has the details:


Do as we say, Not as we do: Last year’s UN climate conference — attended by climate bureaucrats and celebrity climate activists — saw more than 400 private jets used by attendees. This year, organizers expect even more to arrive.

The upcoming United Nations (UN) climate conference in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), known as COP28, appears likely to have a larger carbon footprint than any previous UN climate change summit.

More than 70,000 people are expected to show up to COP28, about 25,000 more people than last year’s summit, COP27. The conference, which runs from Nov. 30 through Dec. 12, will focus on global strategies to reduce emissions and accelerate the shift away from fossil fuels in favor of green energy.

Here’s the reality:

If these folks were truly concerned about the climate, they would be practicing what they’re preaching.

The fact that they’re being hypocrites should raise a lot of questions!

Here’s where things get worse.

Apparently, the UN has been called out on this before.

And instead of improving, they’ve gotten worse!

They’re polluting now more than ever!

Why should we take them seriously?

The New York Post details previous blowback against the UN’s climate pollution:

They’re burning the climate at both ends.

Activists have lambasted delegates to this year’s United Nations climate conference as hypocrites for traveling to the confab in Sharm El-Sheik, Egypt by private jet.

Egyptian authorities told AFP that some 400 private jets had flown in to the Red Sea resort city from around the world for the global meeting on limiting carbon emissions — known as COP27.

The meeting kicked off days after activists across Europe and the United States blockaded airports in protest of private jets.

European advocacy group Transport and Environment estimates that a private jet can emit two tons of carbon dioxide in one hour — five to 14 times more pollution per passenger than a commercial airliner.

14 TIMES more pollution.


And they threaten the rest of us about using gas stoves!

Before we practice what they preach, perhaps they should lead by example.


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