Joe Biden has been lying and plagiarizing for 47 years, so it should be no surprise that he lied about waiting for the votes to be certified before declaring victory.

A video clip from the presidential debates where Joe Biden says he would wait for votes to be certified is exploding on social media.

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He has lied, plagiarized and flip-flopped on so many things that it’s hard to keep track of it all. With help from the lying media, Biden was presented to the American people as someone who is a person of sterling character…an elder statesman. He is nothing of the sort. He has a history of racism and had to drop out of the presidential race for plagiarizing. He’s been caught in so many lies about his past, including his past involvement in the civil rights movement.

What’s most concerning is the media not reporting on Hunter Biden’s involvement in China. Senator Grassley sent a letter to the DOJ yesterday explaining his concern about Hunter Biden’s involvement in China:

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[pdf] …” based on recently released emails, texts, and my recent report with Senator Johnson on conflicts of interest relating to Hunter Biden’s financial activities and those of his business associates, it appears that he and his uncle, James Biden, had significant connections to CEFC China Energy Co. Ltd. (CEFC).

The records also show that CEFC was an extension of the Chinese government and that CEFC intended to alter U.S. policy and public opinion to its benefit and that the Chinese government would be the principal beneficiary of those actions. The apparent relationships came to light not through proper FARA registration but only through the work of my oversight activities and through recent media revelations.”

This crooked career politician should NEVER darken the door of the White House.

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