President Trump’s popularity has steadily risen over the past year and a half as people have realized that amidst a crumbling economy, skyrocketing crime, and record-high illegal immigration, mean tweets aren’t so bad.

The sham January 6th hearings, where Democrats and RINO’s Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger have made wild accusations against the President, have not affected Trump’s approval ratings or helped Biden.

Meanwhile, Cheney, who has been heralded as a champion of the #Resistance movement, is losing so badly in her primary that she was forced to send out mailers begging Democrats to switch their party registration.

In early July, a Harvard Caps Harris Poll was conducted that asked Americans what their opinion was on various politicians across the aisle in the United States.

President Trump had the highest favorable rating of any politician, while Nancy Pelosi had the worst favorability rating at -27%.

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Breitbart Reports

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If you want to talk about the corporate media’s waning influence over public opinion… Donald Trump is currently the most popular politician in America.

According to the latest polling from Harvard Caps Harris Poll, despite seven years and billions of corporate dollars spent to destroy him, despite two fake impeachments and this Kangaroo January 6th Committee, Trump’s favorable rating is higher than any other politician in America—including politicians the fake media have spent billions of dollars propping up—like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-Fascist).

The poll was taken between June 28-29 of 1,308 registered voters. (The Supreme Court aborted Roe v. Wade on June 24.)

Okay, here we go…

A total of 42 percent have a favorable opinion of Trump. That puts him two points ahead of second place Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-OLD); three points ahead of former Vice President Mike Pence, who sits in third place; and four points ahead of His Fraudulency Joe Biden, who sits in fourth place.

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