Delta Airlines pilots plan to start picketing on Thursday at several major airports including LAX, JFK and Atlanta citing exhaustion and poor work schedules as underlying issues in their push for a pay increase.

500 flights have been cancelled and 1200 delayed.

According to Daily Mail,  the Air Line Pilots Association claimed that roughly 14,000 of its members are working longer hours despite increasing flight cancellations.  Jason Ambrosi, a Delta pilot and union official blamed Delta’s poor flight scheduling for an increase in fatigue and the resulting wage demand.

‘The Delta pilots last signed a new contract in 2016 and are currently flying under work rules and pay rates negotiated over six years ago,’  ‘It’s been two-and-a-half-years since our contract became amendable and three-and-a-half years since the Delta pilots last had a pay raise. Meanwhile, our quality of life has eroded due to management’s unwillingness to schedule the airline properly,’

By Joshua Roberts/Reuters

Fox News is reporting that 3.5 million people have booked flights over the Fourth of July weekend and spoke with Airlines for America President Nicholas Calio.

Calio shared, “It’s already been a bleak travel season for the airline industry, which has had to drop 15% of the flights they originally planned for June through August to make the remaining flights more reliable”


With delays affecting nearly 25% of all flights and a 20% average increase in ticket prices, customers are frustrated with flying. Many took to social media to weigh in on why air travel has become more difficult.

One twitter writer took aim at the Biden Administrations and the vaccine mandates imposed on pilots by their companies saying “Lets Go Brandon”

Airline workers have also spoken out, sharing frustrations about being short staffed and the regulatory issues they face.


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