In January, while Americans were focused on the tyranny at home and the illegitimate installation of Joe Biden, some massive changes may have been occurring across the pond as tens of thousands of Italians peacefully revolted against their own illegitimate lockdowns.

Breitbart Reports:

“Thousands of restaurants have opened in Italy in defiance of the country’s strict Chinese coronavirus lockdown regulations. The mass civil disobedience campaign —  launched under the hashtag #IoApro (#IOpen) — has seen as many as 50,000 restaurants opening despite evening curfew restrictions.”

It turns out that while Biden was usurping the Whitehouse, 50,000 Italian restaurant owners reopened their businesses.  This was in defiance of illegitimate globalist mandates placed upon them by their government under the guise of the China Virus.

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Below, a video shows restaurant goers telling tyrannical police officers to shove it as they shout them out.  To their credit, the police offers do leave:

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Here is a similar case in which police are chanted out of an establishment for their illegitimate and unjust demands.  To their credit, the police officers leave and the situation doesn’t escalate:

According to this account, one of the 50,000 restauranteurs made a video explaining himself:

Italian opposition leader Vittorio Sgrabi made a video in support of the revolt as well:

Italy has strong ties to China–specifically Wuhan due to its $100 Billion fashion industry laborAs seems to often be the case everywhere, many of the legal and illegal Chinese immigrants and workers in Italy do not support Italy and seek to turn it into China.

Italy’s northern region saw the largest outbreak of the virus.  This is due to Chinese propaganda pumped into their country.  Early in 2020, little was known about the China Virus other than the frightening videos being leaked via social media from Wuhan.  The Chinese government was running a massive coverup campaign.  This coverup included a massive global pro-China propaganda campaigns, including shifting blame for the virus to America and other places.

Pro-China propaganda telling people it was racist to be cautious of coronavirus prior to any data being available. During this time, China was covering up all their data from Wuhan, China where the virus originated.  The internet was abuzz with leaked photos from Chinese people in Wuhan showing frightening depictions of government responses to the virus and deaths.  No science was yet available regarding the topic.

Italians were bombarded by this pro-Chinese propaganda. While Donald Trump had rightly banned Chinese travel earlier in January to slow the spread in America, Italians were receiving indoctrinating messages in their airwaves telling them that it was racist to be cautious during the first days of the virus, despite no data being available to prove this at the time.  Because of this, “Hug a Chinese Person Day” was instituted.  This very likely a reason why so many people got sick so fast in Italy, especially in this region. China would go on to use this intentional infection of Italy by China as an excuse to blame Italy for the outbreak

Some of the videos of the Pro-Chinese propaganda campaign that bombarded Italians can be found, below.

Italians have every right to be upset.  They were used as guinea pigs and scapegoats for their government and industries who have massive allegiances to China and do not seem to care about their own people.

American business owners need to rise up and walk in the footsteps of their Italian counterparts, or they will lose everything.

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