53-yr-old rapper Ice Cube refused to accept the COVID jab, and as a consequence, he lost a $9 million acting role.

Ice Cube

While appearing on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game Monday podcast, Ice Cube told the hosts, “I turned down a movie because I didn’t want to get the motherf*cking jab!” Comedian Jack Black will star in the movie, “Oh, Hell No!” that Ice Cube was prevented from be a part of over his refusal to be jabbed.

An agitated Ice Cube added, “I didn’t want get the jab! F*ck that jab!” he said, as he blasted the overlords forcing people to accept a vaccination they didn’t want to take as a condition of employment. F*ck y’all for trying to make me get it!” Ice Cube said he isn’t sure if Hollywood is ready to accept his right to refuse the jab, “I don’t know how Hollywood feels about me right now.”

“The covid shot—the jab—I didn’t need it. I didn’t catch that shit at all. Nothing!” Ice Cube told the hosts, adding, “F*ck them. I didn’t need that shit!”


From the Daily Mail – In a later segment in the clip, Ice Cube clarified that he ‘didn’t turn down’ the role, but was rather not offered it due to his vaccination status.

‘Those motherfuckers didn’t give it to me because I wouldn’t get the shot,’ he said. ‘I didn’t turn it down. They just wouldn’t give it to me.

53 yr-old rapper Ice Cube

‘The covid shot, the jab … I didn’t need it. I didn’t catch that s*** at all. Nothing. F*** them. I didn’t need that s***.’

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