President Trump, who many suggest has done more for Black Americans than any other president in US history other than Republican President Abraham Lincoln, hosted a massive rally in Jacksonville, FL yesterday. As support for Trump with Black Americans continues to rise, Black Trump supporters are becoming increasingly more vocal about their support for him.

A 59-year-old Black Trump supporter attending Trump’s rally in Jacksonville, FL yesterday was asked about the Democrat Party’s narrative that President Trump is a racist. He responded, “About him being a racist? he asked. “Yes,” the reporter answered.  “I am 59 years old. I followed that man since when I lived in Philly. That man ain’t never been a racist, he added, “You better keep your eye on Biden.”

Another Trump supporter chimed in, “It’s hard to keep your eye on Biden, he’s hiding!”

“Biden, Pelosi, Schumer…what’s that other fool with the big eyes?” he asked.

“He’s talking about Shifty Schiff,” the other Trump supporter added.

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And what’s the other one who can’t walk half the time?”

The White Trump supporter reminded him, “Nadler—the penguin.”

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“Nadler—you better keep your eye on those guys,” the Black Trump supporter warned, adding, “And George Soros…Hey, BLM, I’m talking about George Soros!”


Since President Trump took office, he’s made amazing strides for Black Americans, including historically low unemployment numbers for Blacks. The passing of the First Step Act that he championed, that was responsible for the release of thousands of people from jail (90 percent of whom were black).

Black Trump supporter and author, Giana Caldwell, wrote about Trump: He promoted “opportunity zones” that incentivized private investment into marginalized communities, and also increased federal funding to historically black colleges and universities by 17 percent — a total exceeding $100 million, more than any president in history. Meanwhile, the Obama administration infamously removed a two-year Bush-administration program that annually funded $85 million directly to these prized institutions.

Trump needs to remind African Americans about what he has accomplished and contrast it with Biden’s record of failure, mass incarceration, and racially charged language. I often say black lives don’t matter to Democrats, black votes matter to them. And that party’s lack of targeted policies benefiting African Americans proves just how much they take their votes for granted.

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