When President Trump calls MS-13 gang members “animals” this is what he means. Two teens had already killed someone a few days before they carried out another murder with the help of four others. The bloodthirsty gang members killed a teen in Queens, NY and now this…

Six suspected MS-13 gang members have been indicted in the gruesome murder of a 17-year-old Long Island boy, but two of the six carried out the murder.

The brutal murder of Harold Sermeno was carried out when the group invited him at a local community center where one suspect shot Sermeno multiple times, and another slashed the victim in the neck with a machete. The machete is often used in the murders that this cold-blooded gang commits.

The body was found in a playground area near the local community center.

Carlos Guerra, 18, and Jonathan Sanchez, 22, were arraigned on Monday. Four more teens were indicted

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According to Long Island News, the two who committed this murder had murdered someone else a few days before and were already in jail for that murder:

Sanchez and Guerra are also among those charged in the same indictment with a slaying in Queens a few days before Sermeno was killed.

In that case, Sanchez and Guerra allegedly sent pictures of Ian Cruz to other gang members, saying he had been “talking bad about MS-13” and got permission from the gang for the slaying.

Sanchez and Guerra were already in Rikers Island and were brought to Mineola Monday for arraignment.

‘It’s very dangerous out there; drugs are pouring in, human trafficking — so many different problems including gangs like MS-13. We don’t want them in the United States…We need a great barrier, and if we don’t have it, it’s never going to work.” – PDJT

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