A six-year-old boy from England was pulled out of school by his parents in 2017 after being warned by the headmaster that he was in danger of being labeled “transphobic”, and the parents are now calling for a judicial review of the Department of Education.

The young boy was confused by a classmate’s “gender fluidity” after the male student showed up to school wearing a dress. After expressing this confusion, a letter was written home to his parents, Sally and Nigel Rowe, alerting them of the potential for their son to be deemed transphobic.

Following this incident, which took place back in 2017, the Rowe’s pulled their son from the Church of England school and decided to homeschool him instead.

“I don’t think that a six-year-old has the cognisant ability to work that out,” Nigel Rowe said, “especially if the child is gender-fluid. And the letter also said that we as parents would be deemed to be transphobic if we didn’t accept that position.”


Nigel and Sally Rowe

Nigel also said that “one of the main issues [they] struggled with in relation to the letter was that it said that if [their] six-year-old son did not recognize the other boy as a little girl or a little boy, then he would be deemed transphobic and… had to use the correct pronouns.”

The parents released the letter they received from the headmaster, which said that students who “demonstrated an ‘inability to believe a transgender person is actually a ‘real’ female or male'” would be considered transphobic. The letter also said that refusing to use the correct pronouns for a student, or their adopted name, would be considered ‘transphobic behavior’.

While the couple is facing backlash from some members of their community for expressing their opposition to these new rules regarding sexual identity, the Rowe’s have also reported that other parents have privately reached out to express agreement with their position.

Nigel Rowe is particularly interested in bringing attention to the excessive attention given to transgenderism. “There is a huge rise in issues around transgenderism and children and the question is why?” He asked. “It seems to be a fad and people have been afraid to criticize.”

“But now the medical establishment is beginning to see that,” Rowe continued. “We need to get back to a reasonable standard of science and biology on this issue. There are men and women. Some people may feel that they are not male or female, but you will never genetically be the opposite sex.”The Rowes were recently granted permission for a judicial challenge, and a hearing will occur later this year. This review will examine the Department of Education’s promotion of transgender guidance that was sent out to the state schools with the intention of supporting transgender students.

“This is not just about boys wearing dresses,” Nigel said. “This case is about an ideology that is now embedded in schools, local authorities, and Church of England leadership, and is causing serious long-term harm to thousands of children.”

“The Cornwall Guidelines must be scrapped and replaced with a policy that protects children from partisan materials that lead them down a road of irreversible harm,” said Nigel.

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