Children have been the least affected by Covid-19, with less than 6,000 deaths for children aged 0-9 and neglible rates of hospitlization.  Despite this, there has been a massive campaign in the last year to get children vaccinated.  The CDC recommended that all children above the age of 5 get the vaccine.  Liberal media outlets have advocated for vaccine mandates in schools and lawmakers in liberal states such as California have considered adopting them.  Despite Covid posing a minimal risk to children, the vaccine may have devastating effects.  After a doctor pushed the Covid vaccine on a 6 year old child with chronic lung disease, the child developed myocarditis and is now unable to walk.  Alpha News Reports

“Milo Edberg is a six-year-old child who received the COVID-19 vaccine on Dec. 10. Two days later, he was back in the hospital, where he remains, unable to even swallow his own saliva.

“He was perfectly fine and then he wasn’t,” his mother, Carrie, told Alpha News.”

Despite developing chronic lung disease at a young age, Milo learned to walk and was ‘alert and expressive’ in early December of last year.  Then his Doctor recommended that he get the Covid vaccine.

“Milo’s mother said she didn’t want her son to get the shot. Only three Minnesota children under the age of 10 have died of the virus since the coronavirus pandemic began two years ago — yet his doctor said that he was at special risk of having a severe case.

Ultimately, Carrie abided by the doctor’s recommendation after being told that the shot was safe and harmless. “I went against my gut and said OK, do it,” she said.”

Shortly after receiving the vaccine, Milo began struggling to breathe and his condition deteriorated rapidly, which prompted his mother to call 911 and have him transported to a nearby hospital.

“He was “gasping for air” at home later the next evening, Carrie said. She dialed 911 as her son’s symptoms progressed. Young Milo was transported back to Masonic on the 12th where he was intubated and diagnosed with myocarditis. He remained intubated for a month and a half and is still in the hospital nearly two months later. He can’t sit up on his own.

In all of this time, the doctors haven’t been able to clearly explain Milo’s affliction, his mother said.

“They literally have no answers,” she commented.”



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