CBS 60 Minutes host Scott Pelley opened his segment on “fake news” by telling his viewers, “In this last election, the nation was assaulted by imposters masquerading as reporters.” Pelley probably forgot about the fake papers that former CBS News anchor Dan Rather knowingly used, in his rabid attempt to destroy George W. Bush’s credibility that ultimately ruined his career and put into question the legitimacy of CBS News.
If 60 Minutes truly focused on “fake news” it would have gone a long way to making their report appear to be legitimate. Instead, Scott Pelley used the opportunity to discredit Mike Cernovich, a southern California lawyer and one of the most popular conservatives on Twitter.

Things got tense Sunday on 60 Minutes as CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley squared off with prominent Trump supporter Mike Cernovich.

As part of a segment on Fake News, Pelley introduced Cernovich as the founder of a website, Danger & Play, which “has become a magnet for readers with a taste for stories with no basis in fact.”

Things only got testier from there.

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Pelley grilled Cernovich over a story he published titled “Hillary Clinton has Parkinson’s Disease, Physician Confirms.” Kelley pointed out that Cernovich had not actually spoken to any doctor who had examined the democratic Presidential nominee, and that the campaign denied the allegation. – Mediaite

Speaking of “fake news”…here’s the clip of the 60 Minutes segment CBS’s 60 Minutes tweeted.: 

The only thing CBS showed that could have been construed as negative news for the left would be the studies that showed the

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