This unbelievable story of unbridled censorship by the left is not unique to Germany. It’s spreading like wildfire across Europe. Americans need to stand up to the politically correct bullies on the left and fight for our right to free speech, before it’s too late…

An elderly German woman was fined 1,350 euros for sharing and liking an anti-migrant joke on Facebook.

According to Berliner Morgenpost, the 62-year old woman , who lives in Berlin, has been identified as Jutta B. has watched her life being turned upside-down after posting a meme with a question and answer that was posed in a meme on Facebook:

"Question: Do you have something against refugees?" Answer: Yes, machine guns and hand grenades. 

The German publication’s article starts out by warning German citizens:

Those who are active in social networks such as Facebook or Twitter should always think carefully about what they are doing there.

She had her home raided and was arrested by police for the ‘crime’ of sharing an image on Facebook captioned “Do you have anything against refugees?”

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The image, which was deemed offensive by the court, included answers such as “Yes, machine guns and hand grenades” and was shared by more than 500 people. One person who also shared the picture reported the elderly woman to the police.

German newspaper reported that the woman was fined 1,350 euros because the image included negative comments about the so-called refugees.

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Jutta B. responded to her arrest, fine and death threats by saying:

 "The whole thing was a mistake from me, which went full backwards."
She insisted that the spread of the text was only a foolish unintentional mistake and no intention to spread hate messages. Racist expressions and right thought are "absolutely not my thing", she also asserted.

Following her arrest and the fine, the social media network suspended the woman’s account. In court, Jutta said she shared and liked the image without properly reading it. “I like to pass on funny things,” she said.

The prosecution didn’t accept the woman’s defense and described her online behavior as “an utterance capable of inciting hatred and denigration of the human dignity of others.” –Heat St

The German publication, Berliner Morganpost suggested that Jutta B. was not yet out of the woods and that searches on her social media proved that it appeared that the defendant was guilty of “right though” (thinking thoughts outside of the prescribed leftist mandate for Germans). They even went as far as to accuse her of the heinous crime of posting an image of Germany’s own Hitler!

Even the explanation of having nothing to do with right thought came more to skepticism. Perhaps because of other disseminations of the defendants on the Internet, among other things, a Hitler picture was seen.

Following the fine, the woman received a number of abusive messages from others on Facebook. A left-wing “anti-fascist” group, Anti-Fascist Action, has reportedly sent death threats to the woman.

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