You won’t believe that these seven CHINESE men were just strolling along the highway!

This should make your blood boil!

CBS 8 reports: Seven Chinese illegals were found just walking along the local highway in California. We just can’t believe the only reason they were caught was because of a private citizen’s phone call that something looked out of the ordinary. The border patrol said they’ve seen a big increase in illegals from China in the past year:


ARE OUR BORDERS THAT OPEN? We can answer that question for you and say a resounding YES! Our border with Mexico has become a GLOBAL GATEWAY for ANYONE to cross! This is alarming and disturbing! How and why did these 7 men get to the border? Why is the press so silent on this? We’re just asking the rhetorical questions out of total frustration with our main stream media who looks the other way with this border insanity. If these 7 men can just casually walk up the highway, what do you think ISIS is doing?
We’ve known and questioned the use of Chinese on signs along the border…Unreal, huh? Here’s an example that had us outraged! So the government knows we have Chinese illegals coming across the border so they give them a button to push for help? This is insanity!

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