This woman’s remarks exemplify the “Me first” and “Everyone’s a victim” attitude we’re seeing so much of today..


A violinist is facing backlash for her heartless tweet following the Amtrak train derailment Tuesday.
Jennifer Kim, a professional violinist and music professor, was on board Amtrak 188 when it went off the tracks in Philadelphia about 9:30 p.m., killing seven people so far and left 140 injured.
After the crash, Kim sent out a tweet that caused a strong counter blast from people social media.
“@AmtrakNEC @Amtrak thanks a lot for derailing my train. Can I please get my violin back from the 2nd car of the train?” she wrote.twitter violin responses
The vitriol sent her way was so great, she deleted her Twitter account soon after her tweet started going viral, but thanks to screenshots it will never go away.
Not even if she gets her violin back.

Via: BizPacReview

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