70 House Republicans on Wednesday voted to reward the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) $300 million for a new headquarters in Greenbelt, Maryland.

The headquarters reportedly would be larger than the Pentagon, which is the world’s second-largest office building.

Amendment No. 54 to ‘H.R. 4664 – Financial Services and General Government Appropriations Act reads’:

Amendment No. 54 – Prohibits funds from being used for the acquisition of property for a new Federal Bureau of Investigation headquarters

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) introduced the amendment.


In a 273-145 vote, Amendment No. 54 failed to pass.

The 70 House Republicans who voted NO include:

Bacon – Nebraska
Barr – Kentucky
Bentz – Oregon
Bice – Oklahoma
Bost – Illinois
Buchanan – Florida
Buck – Colorado
Calvert – California
Carey – Ohio
Carter – Texas
Chavez-DeRemer – Oregon
Cole – Oklahoma
D’Esposito – New York
Diaz-Balart – Florida
Duarte – California
Edwards – North Carolina
Ellzey – Texas
Feenstra – Iowa
Ferguson – Georgia
Fitzpatrick – Pennsylvania
Flood – Nebraska
Garbarino – New York
Gonzales, Tony – Texas
González-Colón – Puerto Rico
Granger – Texas
Graves – Missouri
Guthrie – Kentucky
Hinson – Iowa
Joyce (OH) – Ohio
Kean (NJ) – New Jersey
Kelly (PA) – Pennsylvania
Kiley – California
Kim (CA) – California
Kustoff – Tennessee
LaHood – Illinois
LaLota – New York
Lamborn – Colorado
Lawler – New York
Lee – Florida
Letlow – Louisiana
Lucas – Oklahoma
Luetkemeyer – Missouri
Malliotakis – New York
McCormick – Georgia
McHenry – North Carolina
Meuser – Pennsylvania
Miller – Ohio
Moore – Utah
Moylan – Guam
Murphy – North Carolina
Newhouse – Washington
Nunn – Iowa
Obernolte – California
Rogers – Alabama
Rogers – Kentucky
Salazar – Florida
Scott, Austin – Georgia
Sessions – Texas
Simpson – Idaho
Smith – Missouri
Smith – New Jersey
Smucker – Pennsylvania
Strong – Alabama
Thompson – Pennsylvania
Turner – Ohio
Valadao – California
Van Orden – Wisconsin
Wagner – Missouri
Wenstrup – Ohio
Womack – Arkansas

“Building a new headquarters would condone, reinforce, and enable the actions of the Washington field office’s nefarious behavior. We shouldn’t do it,” Rep. Matt Gaetz said.


Here’s further coverage from the House Floor debate:

“70 Republicans voted to reward the Weaponized FBI with a new $300M headquarters – larger than the Pentagon,” Gaetz commented.

Per NewsBreak:

On November 8, as the House of Representatives considered amendments to the funding bill currently being worked through Congress, and voted on proposals from various politicians to approve or block certain expenditures contained within the bill.

One such amendment that received considerable bipartisan objections, was one introduced by Florida’s most outspoken and controversial Republican – Congressman Matt Gaetz – who had wanted to block the expenditure of $300 million on a new headquarters for the FBI.

In spite of his objections to funding a new facility for the ‘politically weaponized’ federal law enforcement agency, Gaetz was apparently dismayed as no fewer than 70 Republicans joined 203 Democrats in voting ‘No’ to the amendment.

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