A Democrat-ran city witnesses a gruesome crime carried out by a group of teenagers on a defenseless 73-year-old man, all as a result of lawless prosecutors

Tragedy and violence in the city of Brotherly Love.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a city which has become known foremost for its increasingly violent crimes bore witness in mid-June to a vicious attack perpetrated by a group of teenagers on a 73-year-old man, James Lambert.

The teenagers laughed as they chased the victim, initially knocking him down by throwing a traffic cone at the back of his head. They then continued to repeatedly strike the late Mr. Lambert with traffic cones, laughing throughout the attack.

When police arrived, Lambert was unresponsive but still breathing. He was pronounced dead the next day.

Warning: Although the actual strikes have been cut from the following video, the footage is still shocking and graphic.

Under the crooked and Soros-backed Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner, whom Republican lawmakers in Pennsylvania are currently in the process of trying to remove, violent crime has gone up dramatically in Philadelphia. Refusal to prosecute, criminally low bail, and lenient sentences are all policy for Krasner’s office and many believe that that has lead to the increase in violence, as criminals no longer feel as though they will be punished for their misdeeds.

Krasner and Philadelphia are just one of many cases of radical left prosecutors driving crime up across the nation. Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, St. Louis, and other Democrat-ran cities are also feeling the heat from their DA’s and prosecutors’ poor politics.

The group of teenagers are described by the police as consisting of “four black males and three black females, who appear to be in their early to mid-teens”

Police are offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction.

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