A $75 million lawsuit against soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo was thrown out by a judge over the lawyer’s “bad-faith conduct”

A Nevada woman, Kathryn Mayorga,  who alleges that Cristiano Ronaldo, the Manchester United player and world-renowned soccer superstar, raped her in 2009 had her case thrown out by a U.S. District Judge. Mayorga, a teacher-turned-model, alleged in her suit that Ronaldo ” forced himself on her” while the two were partying with others in a Las Vegas suite in 2009.

Soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo Matrix/Media Punch

Ronaldo has repeatedly denied the allegations, and when the police investigated in 2018 they turned up with nothing, and brought no charges.

Reportedly, in 2010 Ronaldo paid $375,000 in “hush money” to Mayorga in an out of case settlement. However, the alleged victim has since sued for a jaw-dropping $75 million in damages.

Friday, however, U.S. District Judge Jennifer Dorsey dismissed the case outright with no option to refile, due to harm caused to Ronaldo by the suit.

“I find that the procurement and continued use of these documents was bad faith, and simply disqualifying Stovall will not cure the prejudice to Ronaldo because the misappropriated documents and their confidential contents have been woven into the very fabric of Mayorga’s claims,” stated the ruling by Judge Dorsey. “Harsh sanctions are merited.”

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The judge stated that the case was sullied beyond the point of redemption due to Mayorga’s lawyer, Stovall, and their “bad-faith conduct” alongside the fact that the entire case rested on confidential documents.

Neither Stovall now Ronaldo’s own legal team have issued a statement yet.

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